Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kindly Thank Yous

       Last week, My dearest mother had passed away. It was one of the sadest day for all of my siblings. Its seem like yesterday I just have a good converstaions with her, but who knew that life can end unexpectly. After one whole week of the ceremony was over. I have some wonderfyl friends that came over to show thier loved, supported and comforted when I was going through a grieving times.  I'm grateful to have a wonderful friends that came over to grieve and share my pains. I'm truely blessed to have them a part of my life.

   Here is a kindly thank yous card that I have made for my wonderful friends. I was even shocked to see few friends that I haven't seen for years, came over to show their condolence for my mother. I'm so grateful to know and to have someone that care about my family.
    For the card, I try my best to created and present a flowers that bloom indicating the first day of spring. Since my mother had passed away on the first day of spring. I add some pearls for embellish to the flowers to make it more an elegant looks. So there you go, I hope they like it.

Thank you for stopping by... Happy Stamping!!


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