Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Baskets

Whoo Hoo! Tomorrow is Easter! I finally get to the chance to put all the Easter treats in my children baskets... 
To started off with, here are the baskets and the goodies. The Truck basket is for my stepson, Kaleb. I bought the truck baskets since he was 1 and now he is 7.. . For Hello Kitty basket with the green bow is for my Cin-Cin. She  have that  since she was a tiny baby and now she is 3. Wow, time sure do flies by... And the last Hello Kitty basket with a flower bow is for my newborn, Baby Vicchini. As you can see, the brother and the sister all have candies, movies, and books. Except for my baby , she have an owl blanket... :) 
And here are the finished looked of the Easter baskets? All I did was, I went and bought 3 cello plastic wraps and wrapped  it up and I used a yellow ribbons to tie on the cello bags! Very easy and sooo fun to make!
The good part about this baskets, I can still reused them for next years all over again!

Ok, that is it for today. My little Cin-Cin are going to help me filled some treats inside the eggs for tomorrow and maybe I added a few "green." ;)
Hoppy Spring,

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