Thursday, April 19, 2012

Little Onesies

Aren't these tiny little onesies are just too darn cute? I cased this card from my wonderful  Stampin Up demo Niki Toll. She also has a video tutorial on this adorable onesies if you want to learn how to make these onesies. Hop onto her blog:
Stampin with Niki

I'm sending this card to my daughter teacher, Mrs. Slivera. She is so nice and kind to us. She will be due anytime soon and she also expecting her first baby GIRL. How exciting! Lucky for her, she already have a son...That is just so perfect that she had one of each.. I wish I have son...hmmm...maybe its not too late to plan another one...;) just kidding! I think I'm sooo done having babies especially when I already had "two handful little rosie cheeks" at home. ;) We just can't wait to meet her precious little girl, soon.

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