Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Classic Easter Movies

Oh my goodness!!! Easter is in 6 days! I haven't even finish putting my kiddos in their Easter basket yet... Well, luckily for me, I found these two classic movies, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and Princess Barbie at Walmart.  I think, it'll be perfect to put it in my kids Easter baskets...Charlie in the Chocolate factory is one of my stepson Kaleb and I  favorites movie ;)... I'm sorry to say, I think this classic movie is better made than the one with Johny Depp in it.... Sorry Johnny, I didn't said I'm not your fan, but I don't think you're protraited of the charactor in the movie, well. .And last but not least, the Classic Princess Barbie is my daughter Cincini  favorite movie. Since, she always play dressed up as a princess and she think and believed that she is a real Princess. Too cute!

So, I decided to do something fun with the movies. and I made it into this. 
First, I took large sheet of paper tissues, Stamping it with a Stamp up Sale a bration stamp sets, and then wrapped both of the movies separately, just like you wrapped a Present. Second stepped, I added my all time favorites Stampin Up punch Blossom to it, to bring in the color and contract. Isn't it pretty? I can't wait to see the surprising face on both of my kiddos, when they unwrapped the favors...It's like Christmas all over again to them and hopefully they're enjoy it! ;) 

Happy Easter day to everyone and Especially Happy Stamping!!!!! 

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