Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is this?!?

Can somebody tell me what this is? If you guess its right, I will send you a hand- stamped congratulation card with a few suckers...ok, ok, I'm just kidding,.if you are wondering why there a thermometer on top of an ice chest with dutch gray tape in the middle.... its a homemade incubator. And guess who made it again? Yep! my talented and clever hubby. I'm not sure how he made it, but he does an awesome job!
The Chukar eggs is a little bigger than a quail egg, its pinkest brown color and have a hundred of little black spot that cover the entitle surface of the egg shell. Isn't it cute. Last week and these week my female chukar laid a total of eight eggs and more to come. My hubby placed the eggs in the incubator, due to the fact that the hen does not brood its own eggs in a captivity environment.  We just have to wait 25 day for the chicks to hatch, all we could do is cross our finger hoping the eggs is fertile. 

Well, that is it for today! I will see you tomorrow....

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