Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Dearest Mom!

Today post is going to be a bit emotional. Why if you're wandering? It's because today is my mother  birthday and she is turning 67 years old. On these special occasion, my sister and I usually gave her a called and taking her out for a surprised birthday lunch. Since, today I no longer can celebrate her birthday, but I could still celebrate her birthday in my heart.*tears*

This is the card that I had made for her and having all my siblings signed it. The card, flowers and lite candles will place next to her picture frame to celebrate her birthday and to remember her.

Here is a picture of  my mother with my newborn, Vicchinin. Look at her and how happy they are.  She was the first person who waited all day outside the labor room while I was giving birth to my second daughter. Four months after my baby is born, she had passed away... *tears*

This is the LAST picture taking of us, together during  the time that I went over to her house and gave her a haircut. I didn't think or expected that this will be her last haircuts by me! :'(...One weeks later, she left the world...*tears...* This picture was taken by my daughter, CInCin. She was playing with my camera phone and say "Mommy, I'm going take a pictures of you and grandma, ok mommy..  say cheese"..*tears...*

Me: (crying)
Cincini: Why are you sad, mommy?
Me: Grandma is gone, baby
Cincini: No, grandma is not gone, she is sick, mommy
Me: No, baby she is gone, forever. She is up in heaven now
 Cincini ran to her room and slammed the door...

 10 things that you never know about my mom:

1. She has been married to my father for 32 years
2. She has 5 children
3.She has 14 grandchildren and 1 step grandson
4 She has "green thumb" and every plants that she planted, it will grow. 
5. She love to gardening more then she love to cook
6.Her first concert was Jewel
7. She love listen to Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Britney Spears music
8 She never has the chance to drive a car her self.
9. Her favorite movie is "God must be Crazy"
10.She the BEST mom that no one can asked for!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! We love you so much and missed you dearly.... R.I.P


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