Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Wishes

We are going to a surprise birthday party! I'm very excited because this is my first time attended a surprised birthday party! My little neice, Monita from my husband side of the family is turning the big 13. The mom invited us to come and make sure we wont say a word to Monita... Don't worry, Sis our lips is seal. Too bad, my hubby won't be able to come and celebrated with us. Oh well...

This is the card that I'm bringing with us along with a special gift for Monita. Its another CAS card. I added in some sparkle butterflies. Who doesn't love butterflies? More pink and white banners. Then I used the big shot machine and run the card to  embossed with the mimi hearts texture plate. A super easy and fun card for a simple girl like Monita.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's A Double Celebration!

Last night, my wonderful friend, Julia came over. We got together, chit chat, have some coffees, and got crafting togther for her kids upcoming birthday party. She asked me if I can help her with her kids invitations. The theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Her son, Jaymien love Mickey. She wanted to do Mickey for her son who is turning two and Minnie for her daughter who is turning one. Both of her kids share almost the same birthday. How funny, lol. I think her son birthday is 6 days ahead of  her daughter. So she decided to do it all together. I though that was just too cute! For the invitation, she wanted both Mickey and Minnie to fit perfectly all in one card. So I was playing  around with all the circles punches and we finally got both Mickey and Minnie fit in one adorable invitation.

The invitation is a pocket card. Isn't that neat? Julia is so clever, she used the mini buttons for Mickey Mouse pockets for his pant. And a cute little red with white polka dot for Minnie. Isn't that just too darn cute? She is such a creative person!
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Concord Crush Butterfly Thank Yous

I had requested to make four thank you cards. I was really excited! I get to play with the butterflies stamp set..again..

This is what I came up with. I was happy how the card turned out. I though the colors goes perfectly well. Love the butterflies, the leaves, the mini heart embossed, the banners... Another CAS. Sorry for a quick post this morning...

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Cupcakes

As promised, this is what I had used  the 8 pretty princesses tags for. I made them into a princess cupcake toppers. ;)
I'm not that super talent...I didn't baked them from scratch. I cheated. :( I baked them out of the cupcake box...sorry...

Aren't these cupcake look so sweet and delicious? It would be perfect if you are having a princess party for your girl.

Can you find Princess and the Frog? What about Princess Snow White? When I finshed baked those adorable cupcakes. My daughter, CinCin went nut! But the only thing about CinCin and her cupcake. She never finshed eating it. She just lick off the frosting and say, "I'm done. mommy!"... Lol So, I don't want the cupcakes to go waste, so I will share some to our neighbors.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer is finally Here

It's the First Day of Summer! Whoo Hoo! I hope everyone enjoy a nice, hot, beautiful weather! And don't forget, its that CHERRIES season! Yum! ^_^

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sneak Peek: 8 Princesses

CinCin asked me to do something fun with this Little Princess stamp set. I told her that mommy have an idea. So here is just a sneak peek of what I made using the stamp. I cut and color 8 princesses. They're Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Another Cinderlla, Belle, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Ariel. Any princesses that I had miss?

I also had help from my daughter, CinCIn. Can you tell that she had color that blue princess? Lol... She pointed and say, "This is Princess Cinderella, Mommy." Cinderella is one of her favorite Disney's Princess. Isn't that just too darn cute?

I also made 8 tags for 8 princesses. Stay tune, what I used this pretty princesses for.. :)

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sparkle Butterflies

I feel so bad! I totally forget it was  Savy birthday. Her birthday is one day after my sister birthday. I know it was last week! I can't believed I forget! Shame on me! Savy is my sister's best friend. They known each other since I wasn't even born yet. And they are still good friends until now. So I made her this beautiful butterflies card for her. Savy love butterflies especially the Monarchs. I hope she will forgive me that I totally forgot about her birthday!

Happy "belated" Birthday, Doll! We hope you have a wonderful birthday! See you soon!

So here are the pretty Monarch butterflies. I added in some glitters, color in the butterflies. I also used the fancy fan to embossed the card. What do you think of this card?

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daddy and Little CinCin

Happy Father's Day to all the GREATEST DADS out there!!!! ^_^  


Saturday, June 16, 2012

World's Greatest Dad

Father's Day is this Sunday! Yikes!!! I haven't make any plans with my hub yet, have you?  But today, I would like to share you a card that I made. This one is going out to my wonderful, wonderful, hubby! He is our "WORLD GREATEST DAD!!!!!" We love him sooooo much! Our guy know how to do it all. 
If you are wandering why my hub is  the greatest dad, here are a few stuffs that he does to rock our world!
He is a Chef
He is a Mechanic
He is a Business Man
He is a Handy Man
He is a Hunter
He is a Gardener
He is a Truck Driver
He is a Party Man
He is a Snowboard Pro
He is very TALKATIVE person, he can carry on a converstations... on and on... Lol
that is why he is the "Greatest" dad to all of us!!!
I'm crazy about him!

Back to the card. I used the stamp that I had for a while back and this sentimet word were just perfect for my hub. Do you also notice something on the card? Nope, it not the banners. Its the cute little washers tool that I had to borrow from his tool box. ;)Hehe.. What do you think? Pretty clever, right? I couldn't find other stamps or material to used to represent my hub. And I though the washers was just the perfect and the right touch for this card.

Ok that is it for today! Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank You Favors

 Here they are! I completely finshed packing this adorable thank favors for my sister. These little guys are ready to be handed out today. I hope her friends will be happy to receievd this  favors.

Inside the cellophang bag are the Dolies Delicate thank you card, butterfly notepad, and the butterfly key chains. I used some of the left over the DSP to punch out the blossoms and run the big shot with one of my favorite new fancy fan plate.

There you have it! Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Butterfly Key Chains

You probably have seen this adorable butterfly key chains that I used for my daughter graduation favors few weeks ago. My sister though the butterflies key chain would be perfect for her girlfriends as a thank you favors. Also, it is perfectly match with the the butterfly notepad yesterday as well...

What do you think of this key chians? Wanna learn how to make them? I cased this, again from my wonderful demo Niki. Click here and she will show you how to make them.

For Stampin Up order click here

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Butterfly Notepads

Sorry for a quick posted this morning! Today, I would like to shares with you one of the items that I made for my sister for her thank you favors. This is Butterflies notepads that she will be handing out to her wonderful friends this week.

Stay tune for another butterflies favors....

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beef Jerkeys for the Men!

Here is another yummy treats for Father's Day, BEEF JERKEYS! My hubby love beef jerkey and so do I! This treats would be another perfect for your guys, unless he is a Vegetarian. Bummer! But no worries, you can alway substitute with a delicious dried tofus. Yum!

For this treats, I bought a large bag of beef jerkey at a local store, packed them up in a cellophang bag. Seal them tight to keep them fresh and top them off using my label collections to closed them. I simply stamp sentiment " happy father's day." For the last touch up, I added the cute little mustaches (again!) that are attached to the toothpick. :) Just in cased when the guys finish munch on the jerkys, they can used the toothpick to pick their teeths, lol.  Clever, right? Another super easy, yummy, and adorable treats! These little guys are off to my hub co workers. I hope they enjoyed this "meat" snacks! Lol

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Candy Bars for Our Guys!

Hello, friends! Today, I would like to share with you one of the treats for Father's Day. If you are thinking of throwing a party for your guys. This "masculine" dark chocolate chandy bars would be perfect to handed for your guests. Who doesn't like dark chocolate? I know for sure, my hub are a hug fan of dark chocolates!

What do you think of this treats? Super easy and very simple, right? You don't have to used dark chocolates. Any candy bars that your guys like. ;) I wrapped baker twains around two candy bars and added a nice cute tag that say "Happy Father's Day"! And of course, I used my favorite manly stamp, the stinky cute mustaches! Just can't get enough of that set! Lol! :)

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pinkalicious Birthday for 10 Yrs

Yesterday, we attended a Pinkalicous birthday party! My girls have so much fun. Seann really know how to throw a "pink" party. As promised, here is another Pinkalicous birthday card. This card goes to my friend, Seann niece, Jennifer, who is celebrating with her little cousin, Darleen. If you missed Darleen card yesterday, click here

I love the banners on this card. I got this banner idea from my wonderful demo, Niki. The banner is so fun and super easy to make! This card has lots of pink, lots of  flowers, and  of course cupcakes to make it more Pinkalicous birthday. Isn't this card is so  "sweet"  for a girl who is turning the perfect 10? ^_^

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pinkalicious Birhday for 1 Yrs

We are off to a Pinkalicious birthday party celebrating with two birthdays. My friend, Seann's daughter, Darleen is turning one. Along with her niece, Jennifer who is turning 10. Their birthday are so closed so my friend, Seann decide to do it all together.

Here is the card that I made for her daughter, Darleen.
As you can see, I used different pink colors for the card to go with the theme and added a bit of white for a touch up look. Since Pinkalicious is all about pink  and cupcakes. I though I would top it off  with one pink cupcake since Darleen is turning the big 1, add a cherry and embellish with gems, dimensions, and flowers. There you have it.
What do you think? Does this card look like you wanna throw yourself a pinkalicious birthday party for your girl?  Tomorrow, I will show you another Pinkalicious birthday card that I made for Seann's niece. Stay tune...

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Delicate Doilies: Thank Yous

Last Saturday, We had an early birthday dinner with my lovely sister, Chandy. She also invited her wonderful friends and they shower her with lot of gift and Birthday wishes. It was so much fun. We all had a great time. After dinner, her and her gal pals went clubs hopping. My sister love to dance, lol!
 I didn't went. I decided to stay home with my babies and my hub was home. So it was family bond time for me.
My sister, asked me if I can make her a Thank you card along with a favors for her friends. I told her, "You bet!, Anything for you." And I also joke with her, "Just make sure you treat me to a coffee," lol...
 So these were the thank you cards that I made for her.

If you are a huge fan of Stampin Up stuffs. You know where I got the idea from. ;) Those cards was a cased from the new Stampin up catalog 2012-2013 on page 111. I love using my doily stamps and though the card was super cute and pretty. Not to mention, also simple. And of course, I know that my sister would like this card  because herself  is a simple gal. She also love the new in-color from 2011-2013, Wisteria Wonder and Calypso Coral. :)

Stay turn for her thank you favors...

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

For my sister, Chandy

Today, is one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world birthday. Its my sister, Chandy! But we had celebrated a bit early with her few gals friends for her birthday dinner last weekend. We all had so much fun! 

Happy Birthday, sis! I hope you get what ever you want on your birthday! I also hope you have an amazing, beautiful birthday! I love you sis! Muah!!! See you later for lunch along with my munchkins! Haha

 My sister is like the other half of me. We see each other almost every other day. We have dinner together, go shopping together, drink Starbucks together, pay bills together, camping together, crafting together, just about everything, and we lived about 5 MINS away from each other! Crazy, right? Lol That is how much we love each other!

Here is the card that I made just for her. I actually gave her two birthday cards. Like I mention earlier, we had an early birthday dinner last Saturday and this was the card that I bought with me  that day along with a gifts.  Since today, is her actually birthday. I decided to make her another birthday card. Well, to be honest with you. I was also waiting for my Stamping up supplies to arrived yesterday. :) Yay, who doesn't like Stamping Up? So I came up creating this summer pretty card for her. The new butterfly punch are just too sweet. What do you think? I totally digging the  pretty fancy fan texture plate too. 

When she open the card, she will find a Walmart Visa! I though it would be easy to used the mini envelop for my gift card holders. Right? Don't you agree? I also added a little note inside the mini envelop as well. I hope she is happy to received this pretty card and the Visa! ;)

Ten things that My sister and I are opposite.

1. She love tea, but I love coffee
2. Her favorite color is Red, but I prefer Blue
3. She love to talks on the phone but I love to text on the phone
4. She the loud one and I'm the quiet one
5. She love math, I dislike math
6. She love to cook, I love to bake.
7. She think cops are hot, but I thinks fireman are HOTTER! ^_^
8. She like horses. I like elephants
9. She like animation cartoons movies, I like Disney's Movie
10. She like Batman, I like..hmmm... I don't thinks I have any favorite super hero! LOL

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! ^_^


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Many Mustaches

Hello there! Here is another Father's Day card. I used the Many Mustache stamp, again. Love this stamp! I was also happy how the card turned out.

 For this card, I used grey card stock and run thru the big shot machine to embossed using the stripes plate. I stamped the image on the white card stock, jazzed it up by using Crystal Effects. which you probably can't really see and then I dabs the edged with black ink. I didn't used black ribbon. I improvised by cutting a thin pieces of black card stock strip, folded it in half and then tucked inside the white card stock.

Did you noticed the strip? And can you see the glossy from the Crystal Effects? It give the mustaches a 3-D looked. Pretty neat, huh? At the bottom of the card, I stamped, Happy Father's Day. Cute and simple. There you have it! Another fun and super easy card for Father's Day!

Thank you for stopping! Enjoy your day! ^_^


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Father's Day is around the corner. Don't forget to mark your calendar, it is on June 17. Here is one of the card that I made for Father's Day. I try to keep it clean, simple and masculine. The card look a bit rough and the color goes perfectly well for a manly card. I die cut a few letter to spelled the word, "Daddy", added button and a nice cute little mustache. Sorry for my floppy bow...

Don't you just love that adorable mustache? They are so fun! And there you have! Another clean, simple, and manly card! Sorry, for a quick post this morning.... See you tomorow! ^_^


Monday, June 4, 2012

Glamorous in Paris

Would it be nice to have a party in Paris or go shopping in Paris? Or what about both? Ok, I'm just dreaming... Lol... this is a card that I made for my neices, Maline. She had celebrated her birthday yesterday and we had so much fun! She is turning 14! My niece, love anything that has sparkle, blings, fashions, just about anything a teenager would love! Her favorite obsession also SHOPPING!

For this card, I used scrapbook sticker! I love scrapbooking sticker because it is so fun , fast, and super easy. Just peel them and stick them. Easy, right? I also added in some sparkle paper and a little bling for her card. You probably had seen me used the Eiffel Tower from Artistic Etchings stamp set a ton of times! I got to admit it, this stamp came in handy. Perfect for almost about everything! Birthday, favors, thank you, Valentine, thinking of you, etc... I just love it. I probably wont get bored using this set. I might even thinking of doing a Paris theme birthday party for my little CinCin using this set, again! ;) Stay tune for that! ^_^

What do you think of this card? Does the sparkle and the bling, bling make this card  glamours??? Is it perfect for a fourteen years old girl?

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Stamping!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ears Piecing Time!

Its ears piercing time!!!! My precious baby girl, NiNi will be 7 months tomorrow and she is getting her ears pierce by ME. I know I'm so behind. And don't worry, I'm certified for ear piercing!She had all her shot up to dates and I though, now its the time. Ugh!, I hate doing this! But she a girl, she have too, right? Lol! Wish me luck and I will be back tomorrow with her new ears pierce!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Sunday!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doily Vintage Birthday

Today, I would like to share with you a lovely delicate vintage birthday card. I cased this beautiful card from Pintrest. Who doesn't love Pinteret? I changed a bit. I just love everything about this card. Its so elegant and so simple.

The little leave just add the perfect touch with the pretty doily and the Vintage wallpaper embossed folders. I simply adore every little details and textures on this card. I can also see using this card for a Vintage wedding. 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Stamping


Friday, June 1, 2012


Whoo hoo! Its Friday! Any plan for the weekend? Well, today I'm off taken my little kiddos to the library. They been bored at home since their school is over for the summer.The library is such wonderful place to take them there. They can choose any books, read, and explore an adventures! My little CinCin love books. Her favorite one is anything by Eric Carl like "The Hungry Caterpillar" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". And for my stepson, Kaleb. He love any books with cars. Anyhoo, I made them each a bookmarks to take them to the library. Kaleb is starting to read "beginner" chapter books. I'm so proud of him. He also asked for an octopus on his bookmark and CinCIn wanted hippo on her. You can tell with the flower on the hippo. ;)

What do you think of these little guys? Cute, huh? They are so fun and super easy to make! My kids love it! 

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!