Thursday, June 7, 2012

For my sister, Chandy

Today, is one of my bestest friend in the whole wide world birthday. Its my sister, Chandy! But we had celebrated a bit early with her few gals friends for her birthday dinner last weekend. We all had so much fun! 

Happy Birthday, sis! I hope you get what ever you want on your birthday! I also hope you have an amazing, beautiful birthday! I love you sis! Muah!!! See you later for lunch along with my munchkins! Haha

 My sister is like the other half of me. We see each other almost every other day. We have dinner together, go shopping together, drink Starbucks together, pay bills together, camping together, crafting together, just about everything, and we lived about 5 MINS away from each other! Crazy, right? Lol That is how much we love each other!

Here is the card that I made just for her. I actually gave her two birthday cards. Like I mention earlier, we had an early birthday dinner last Saturday and this was the card that I bought with me  that day along with a gifts.  Since today, is her actually birthday. I decided to make her another birthday card. Well, to be honest with you. I was also waiting for my Stamping up supplies to arrived yesterday. :) Yay, who doesn't like Stamping Up? So I came up creating this summer pretty card for her. The new butterfly punch are just too sweet. What do you think? I totally digging the  pretty fancy fan texture plate too. 

When she open the card, she will find a Walmart Visa! I though it would be easy to used the mini envelop for my gift card holders. Right? Don't you agree? I also added a little note inside the mini envelop as well. I hope she is happy to received this pretty card and the Visa! ;)

Ten things that My sister and I are opposite.

1. She love tea, but I love coffee
2. Her favorite color is Red, but I prefer Blue
3. She love to talks on the phone but I love to text on the phone
4. She the loud one and I'm the quiet one
5. She love math, I dislike math
6. She love to cook, I love to bake.
7. She think cops are hot, but I thinks fireman are HOTTER! ^_^
8. She like horses. I like elephants
9. She like animation cartoons movies, I like Disney's Movie
10. She like Batman, I like..hmmm... I don't thinks I have any favorite super hero! LOL

There you have it! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! ^_^


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