Thursday, June 21, 2012

Princess Cupcakes

As promised, this is what I had used  the 8 pretty princesses tags for. I made them into a princess cupcake toppers. ;)
I'm not that super talent...I didn't baked them from scratch. I cheated. :( I baked them out of the cupcake box...sorry...

Aren't these cupcake look so sweet and delicious? It would be perfect if you are having a princess party for your girl.

Can you find Princess and the Frog? What about Princess Snow White? When I finshed baked those adorable cupcakes. My daughter, CinCin went nut! But the only thing about CinCin and her cupcake. She never finshed eating it. She just lick off the frosting and say, "I'm done. mommy!"... Lol So, I don't want the cupcakes to go waste, so I will share some to our neighbors.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Baking! ^_^


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