Saturday, June 16, 2012

World's Greatest Dad

Father's Day is this Sunday! Yikes!!! I haven't make any plans with my hub yet, have you?  But today, I would like to share you a card that I made. This one is going out to my wonderful, wonderful, hubby! He is our "WORLD GREATEST DAD!!!!!" We love him sooooo much! Our guy know how to do it all. 
If you are wandering why my hub is  the greatest dad, here are a few stuffs that he does to rock our world!
He is a Chef
He is a Mechanic
He is a Business Man
He is a Handy Man
He is a Hunter
He is a Gardener
He is a Truck Driver
He is a Party Man
He is a Snowboard Pro
He is very TALKATIVE person, he can carry on a converstations... on and on... Lol
that is why he is the "Greatest" dad to all of us!!!
I'm crazy about him!

Back to the card. I used the stamp that I had for a while back and this sentimet word were just perfect for my hub. Do you also notice something on the card? Nope, it not the banners. Its the cute little washers tool that I had to borrow from his tool box. ;)Hehe.. What do you think? Pretty clever, right? I couldn't find other stamps or material to used to represent my hub. And I though the washers was just the perfect and the right touch for this card.

Ok that is it for today! Thank you for stopping by!

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