Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For Asneath

Here is a birthday card that I made for my neice, Asneath. She is turning 12. My oh my... time sure flies.. My neice, Asneath are a huge fan of Hello Kitty! Her rooms, her clothes, and even her make up bags ( lip gloss, chap stick, body spray, hair brush...just to name a few..) are filled with Hello Kitty faces on it. I, myself love Hello Kitty too. I try to convience my daughter, CinCin to love Hello Kitty, but nope that wont happen. CinCin is more into princess and Barbie. Oh well... So today, I wont get to see Asneath, but I will see her this weekend. I hope she be happy to received this Hello Kitty birthday card.

Don't you just love stickers? They are so fun and I can get creative doing all kind of things with stickers. Just like this Hello Kitty sticker that I had for a while. I used the sticker for her birthday card. I like how it turn out. Another CAS. One thing about stickers. Just peel them and stick them where ever you want. Easy peasy, right? Lol :)

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow...


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