Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4th Vs. Captain America

Its already the begining of July? And three days from now its July 4th! The celebration of Independent day!! Time sure flies! Do you have any plans on celebrated your Independent day? How about celebrating by baking some sweet July 4th cupcakes?

These adorable cupcakes are super easy to make and the kids will love it! I baked them from the box, again...not an expert on baking from the scratch, yet...:( I bought two lbs of Jelly Beans at a local stores. I used vanilla frosting, decorating them with Jelly Beans. Top them off with my home made cake toppers. I used the circle punch, the scallop punch, and the sizzlit die cut stars to make the cake topper. There you have it.

I baked these cupcakes just for fun. I'm taken my girls to a community pool and we will be meeting up with her cousins. So I will bring this yummy sweet treats for the kiddos. My little nephew noticed the cupcakes and he came up to me and say, "Auntie, is that Captain America cupcakes?" Omg! You're so right! I didn't even noticed that, Now it is, LOL... Thank you, Angora for letting Auntie know." So its like you can make this cupcakes for  July 4th party or a Captain America birthday party for the boys... Pretty, neat? Huh?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a "sweet" day!


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