Monday, July 2, 2012

Patriotic Star Wands

Aww, July 4th day is just in 3 more days! How exciting! My family would get together every years on July 4th for a fun pot-luck BBQ at the lake and we would all snuggle in a blanket and watched fireworks. And every years, I would always brings something for the kiddos. So this years I'm going to skip fireworks for the kids and I  decided to do something safe, fun, and yummy. So I made them a a fun Patriotic Star Wands treats.

Who doesn't love Jelly Beans?  I filled those yummy Jelly Beans in a 1x 8 cellophang bags. Die cutted the stars and attached to the bags. Very simple and adorable! They are so fun and easy to make. I probably make a few more ;)

Not only I can used these treats for July 4th, but I can also use this treats for Merorial Day and  maybe for Captain America theme party as well. Or a princess and a fairy party, too but minus the colors! Lol! Don't you think so?

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