Friday, August 31, 2012

For Nicole and Hubby

Last week my stamping friend, Nicole and her hubby just celebrated their 15 years of Anniversary. I made her this card to wishing her and her hubby another wonderful year and a happy anniversary.
It make my heart smile to see wonderful couple are still staying strong and still have their love for another. Here to you Nicole and your Hubby! Congrate on your 15 years of marriage! Whoo-hoo! ^_^

Aren't those owl looks so cute together? Nicole love owls and I though using this owl punch from Stamping Up would be perfect for her. I hope Nicole and her hubby will be happy to received this card.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thank you for sweetening my day!

Ahhh! I'm finally done with Vicchini's thank you cards. I have no idea why its taken me so long to finshed putting her thank you card together. Now these little guys are ready to be mailed and handed out....

Here is an up close of the card. Isn't she so precious? Our little angel. Lol! I still can't beleived my baby almost a year... sniff.... sniff. It isn't fair! They growing way too fast!

For this card, I added in some birthday banners, stamp a few cupcakes since her birthday theme is all about cupcakes and typed in the words, " Thank you for sweentening my day!"... Pretty clever, right?

There you have it, another cute and simple thank you card...

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rapunzel birthday card

CinCin and her aunty went to a birthday party last friday. Her little friend is turning four years old. She is four month older then CinCin. The birthday girl also having a Disney Tangle birthday party. She love princess Rapunzel. So here is the card that CinCin is bringing with her to the party. I was happy how the card turned out.
This card was super easy and really fun to make. Very simple, just take couple strings of yellow yarn. The more strings you used the thicker of the hairs it will be and then simply braid the yarn. Once you completely finished braiding. You just decorated the card how ever you like. Very easy right? 

I also added in one more piece of strip of hair inside the card to give it that one more touch and stamped the sentiment " Happy Birthday Princess".
What do you think of this card?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cupcakes with a cherry on top!

Isn't this cupcake looked delicious? Does it make your mouthwatering? Lol I baked a dozen of those yummy cupcakes last week.  It was for a big clelebration "CUPCAKE" theme birthday party for my baby girl, Vicchini who is turning the big ONE... well... not exactly one yet....  She will be a year in Novemeber.  My husband and I decided to do a bit early because of the beautiful weather, water play for the kiddios and also daddy wanna barbeque with family and friends as well... ;) 

Back to those darling cupcakes. Look at those adorable cherries. Isn't that just too darn cute, it also taste yummy too... Its a white cake with a delicious pink frosting and I top it off with the adorable red cherry.. The cupcakes match perfectly well with our cupcakes theme party...  Stay tune for the cupcake birthday party pictures....

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Look who's turning...TWO!!!

I had another requested from my sister, Chandy. She asked me...again... ^_^ if I can make her a birthday card for her little toddler boy who is going to turn two. My sister is a Preschool teacher and the sweetest. She is so good with her toddler students and also "asked" me to made them a card when they celebrated their  birthday. I, myself have no problem of making her a card for her little toddler students. Because that what sisters are for.. but really she help me buy craft stuffs that I needed and never say no...hehe ;)

Her little toddler friend is a huge fan of cars, trains, airplanes...just about anything that has wheels and move. Well, this is the closest card that I came up with. I used the train stamp set. I was happy how this card  turned out. I thought it would be also fun just adding some buttons for the train wheels and stamped the word sentiment, "Look who's turning...."

Inside the card, I die cutted the letters to spelled out the word TWO. Then I embellished with another cute button! Another clean and simple card.
 I hope the little toddler boy will be happy getting this "cho, cho"  birthday card! ^_^

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back-to-School Kits

Who is ready to go back to school? I know CinCin is...But too bad, I think she is the only one who is going back to school late...In September! Yep! My friends and a few of my realtive already started school last week. Some will start school in the end of August. Except for CinCin, she go back in  September.
 Anyhoo. I had put togther a fun school supplies kit for my youngest niece and newphews. The youngest one is 5 years old. I have a newphew and a little niece who will started school in Kindergater! How exciting! The oldest newphew is 7 who is going to be in 2nd grade and one supplies kit I made for my stepson, Kaleb who is 8 and are going be in  3rd grade.

And of course, I  made one for my CinCIn when she starting preschool... For this fun school kit, I just stamp using apple from Tangy and Tart set and die cut a tags to write each of their name.

Here is what inside thier school supplies kits: Markers, crayons, glue sticks, earses, pencile, and pencile sharperner. The youngest one that will started in Kindergater soon will get thier own tissue papers. Just incase they are in "tears." ;)

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun with Butterflies

Good morning! One of little CinCin friend is celebrating her birthday today. Too bad, we had too miss the birthday party, due to "family emergency" and CinCin was pretty upset about it. I feel so bad, but I have to explain what was the reason why we couldn't make it. So anyhoo, this is the card that I mailed it out to her little friend. The birthday girl love butterflies and her favorite color is baby blue. So I though this card would be perfect for her.

Isn't this butterflies DSP  pretty? The color combos goes perfectly well together and I just love the new fancy fan embossed folder from Stamping Up. It so fun and so girly. We hope she be happy to receive this fun butterflies birthday card.

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Monday!


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mickey and Minnie Fun Favors

Happy Sunday, everyone! As promised, those were the birthday treats for Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday theme that my wonderful friend, Julia made for her children. Aren't  those favors so stinky cute?!? She made a version of Mickey Mouse using sizzlit die cut the yellow buttons and for a Minnie Mouse version, She just punch out the white circle to used for Minnie mouse dress and she added a big red jumbo bow. So stinkin cute! She is so super creatives. She also mention it was super easy and so fun. My CinCin went crazy about the Minnie treat bag and I'm sure all the children get nuts over those treats bags!
 I think she made about 50 or more of those treats. Since she have one huge family and lots of friends.

 Hmmm does those banners look familiar? I made them for her so she can used them for her party decoration. Click here and here if you missed out on the banners.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Little Cupcake is turning... ONE

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well...Sorry about being silent again.. I have been so busy with my girls and also planning my baby first birthday party.  I'm also running behind schedule..... so much to do, but so little time...
Well anyhoo, to kick it off this Saturday afternoon, I would like to share with you a birthday invitaions that I made for my daughter, Vicchini. She is turning the big ONE!!...Well, sort of... not until November. I decided to do it early to avoid the cold weather.. And wow! Time sure flies... It seem like yesterday, I just had my baby shower, but now Im going to hav a big birthday party for her...sniff...sniff... I wish they stop growing too fast...

Okay back to the invitations. Aren't these adorable? I just had to added a picture of her on the invitation. She is just too precious. I decided to do a cupcake theme with pink, yellow, and tan colors. Beside, who doesn't love cupcakes?  Added in a banners, pink pearls, and a cupcake with a cherry on top. There you have it. Another  clean, simple, and a "sweet" invitations for our little girl. What do you think?

For the invitaion, I used two different texture to embossed, the heart and the polka dot. Couldn't decided which one to used, so I decided to used both, LOL. For this card. I embossed using the mini hearts texture and added a pink heart ribbon to goes with it.

And for this second one. I used the polka dot texture embossed that also have a matching polka dot ribbon to goes as well...  

Here is the inside look of the invitation. The words sentiment say " Please join us to "SWEETEN" her special day by celebrating with us!"  ^_^
I also stamped the adorable cupcake and added the cute red glimmer cherry on top.

 Ok, I gotta get those invitations out the door... Thanks for stopping by!