Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cupcakes with a cherry on top!

Isn't this cupcake looked delicious? Does it make your mouthwatering? Lol I baked a dozen of those yummy cupcakes last week.  It was for a big clelebration "CUPCAKE" theme birthday party for my baby girl, Vicchini who is turning the big ONE... well... not exactly one yet....  She will be a year in Novemeber.  My husband and I decided to do a bit early because of the beautiful weather, water play for the kiddios and also daddy wanna barbeque with family and friends as well... ;) 

Back to those darling cupcakes. Look at those adorable cherries. Isn't that just too darn cute, it also taste yummy too... Its a white cake with a delicious pink frosting and I top it off with the adorable red cherry.. The cupcakes match perfectly well with our cupcakes theme party...  Stay tune for the cupcake birthday party pictures....

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