Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best Wishes

Our wonderful dear friend, Margaret and her family are leaving us. :( Her family are moving to Southern California. Reason for them to move is that, 1. A brand new life 2. A brand new opportunities and 3. Closest to Disneyland. Lol, I'm just kidding. The third reason is to be closest to her family. ( Fun fact:  Margaret and I love Disneyland, our goal together is to  travel with our girls and visits all the Princess castle in the world.... Lol ;). We are so happy for them and also so sad that they are leaving us too. But of course, we want nothing but the best for them and for their family. CinCin  was sad too because her BFF Natalie is leaving her. So today, we are off seeing and hanging out with them for the last time here in Northern California. Its going to be one emotional day... :'(
 Oh and by the way, she just recently gave born to her newborn. Stay tune for the card that I made for her baby. So today we are off and this is the card that I will bring with us to give it to them.

Margret love butterflies and her favorite color is blue. I though using this stamp that coordinating with the butterfly punch would be just perfect for this card. Beside it sorta representing that they are flying away. sniff...sniff..

When you look up close at this card you, can actually see the wings pop up. Its  like a 3-D. Isn't that neat? This is why I love using Stampin Up supplies. They have the perfect punch that coordinate with a matching stamp! Love it!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Saturday!


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