Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just for Natalie

Here is card that I made for little Natalie. Natalie is CinCin best friend, but sadly she is moving o Southern California  I heard from Natalie's mom, that Natalie was being such a wonderful sister who has help her mom while her mom was taken care of their newborn. So, just to make Natalie feel special and also we are so proud of her for being a good helper and a wonderful big sister. This card is for her. Also there were some goody to go with it too. ^_^

This was a fun card. The color is so pretty for a little girl. Natalie love butterfly just like her mommy and her favorite color is pink. So I added in some pretty pink butterfly and with a little touch up I also added in the pretty vintage button. There you have it. A fun card for a little girl who deserved a little something! ^_^

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