Saturday, October 6, 2012

Owl fort kit from Nicole

 Yesterday, the weather was pretty windy and a bit gloomy. My girls was bored, and poor baby, NiNi is sick. She is teething, poor thing. So I sat up a fort for them to hang out and relaxed to enjoyed the movie.

Here they are! Happy as a clowns, even though baby wasn't really in a good mood, but mommy still managed making silly faces so she would smile at the camera.

This is the fort. Its an Owl fort. I received this as a gift from my wonderful friend and stamping buddy, Nicole. Well actually its for baby present. Isn't those little owls are so adorable! My girls loves it, even mommy love it too;) Nicole you are amazing!

This was the cute little tag that was attached to the fort kit. Look at this little owls. They look so sweet. I love the colors also. Very nice and calm. Hmmm, Nicole, how do you know that baby love owls? Lol ;)

Its say on the tag, Sheets. Check. Clothespins. Check. Flashlight. Checks. Popcorn. Checks. A Happy Birthday. Check.

 Very clever and so ADORABLE! and Yes, I will definitely gonna cased this. :)

Thank you, thank you, Nicole for this cutest gifts ever!!!

My friend, Nicole is so creative and very talented. Her and her co- blogger sister has amazing creations too. click here to see their creations  and click here to see her other wonderful fort kits.

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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teehee4two said...

Your girls are adorable and I love the fort!!! (Nicole)