Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pretty Flower art by Lou

I went a surprised visited to see Lou's and her family the other day. Wouldn't you know, I came to find out that My wonderful Lou, is a crafting WAY! I had known her for 7 years and I never know she love crafting?  Oh my goodness! Look what she made for her beautiful garden by the way. Flower art wall that were made out of can. SODA CANS! Isn't that neat? So creative of her!

She told me that she saw this lovely flower art at Monetary Bay. The price ranged from from $8 to $12. Why spend money if you know how to make it, right? And that what Lou did. She made it  and did an amazing job!

 She also painted with all different kind of colors. When she finished the flowers. She simply decorated all over her garden, some where hang next to the gate. She is so awesome. :)

I also got to take one of Lou's beautiful creation home and has find the perfect spot to hang it too. 
Thank you, Lou for this beautiful flower! ^_^

Thanks for stopping by! I see you tomorrow...

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