Saturday, November 3, 2012

1st Cupcake Birthday party

Ahhh, finally I had upload pictures for my baby 1st cupcake birthday party since August! I know, I'm behind. I apology, but I had to admitted that the party wasn't really what I had in mind. :( The weather was a bit gloomy and windy, I was a few mins late, and worst part, I accidently knocked my baby's cupcake container and the cupcakes on  the frosting got smooch! Shame on me!  :( But what its matter the most, is  everyone came and help us celebrated our little girl 1st birthday party with us! :)

Come and see what you are missing out :

Here is our Cupcake table display. Remember those yummy cupcakes? Ugh, feel terrible bad for knocking the cupcake down. Anyhoo, I baked them and add in pink frosting to match with my daughter cupcake invites and topped it off with yummy red cherries. Click here to see the yummy cupcakes.

Here we are posing for a picture. That's me holding the birthday girl, Vicchini and next to me is her big sister, CinCin.

Look at this cake! Isn't it gorgeous? It was delicious too!!! I was so happy how the cake turned out. And look at the first tier of the cake, it's a cupcake!  How cute is that??? I absolutely love it! Oh and by the way, I also made the tutu cake stand also, pretty cool, huh? ;)

Here is her  little cupcake banners. I know you can't really see the banner clearly because the glare from the sun, but on each of the cupcakes, I die cut the letter to spelled out the name, VICCHINI. I also got this cupcake banner idea from my friend Nicole. Click here to see her original. I knew I had to cased the cupcakes banner for my little girl birthday party. It was too cute!

Here is Vicchini's cupcake birthday favors. I made 20 favors in total. Inside the cupcake treat bags there were different yummy flavor cupcake chap sticks, pink heart bubbles,  cupcake erasers, cupcake stickers, dum dum pops, and smarties candies.

 What a party without a pinata, right?  The kids had so much fun hitting the pinata and getting more sweets. ;)

Here is my oldest daughter, CinCin playing water fun with her favorite cousins.

Its cake time! Here is Daddy, who helped lite the candle and using his hand to blocked out  the wind from blowing out the candle. 

We all sing her a happy birthday song. We sang the birthday song TWICE!!!! Because I totally forgot her party hats and the party blowers for each guest! Oh my goodness!

Now, its completely a cupcake birthday party! LOL And everyone is now happy and so is the birthday girl! 

Awwww the big day is finally over, the birthday girl is feeling tired and sleepy, especially she just had a big chunk of cake by herself. Boy! It was one busy day for both of us! But at the end, Everyone had a great time! ^_^

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a very "sweetening" day!

Stay tune for CinCin's "Pink Poodle in Paris" birthday fun .....