Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hawaiian Take Out Boxes

Here are the fun Hawaiian favors that I made for Bianca's 6th Birthday party a while ago. Her aunty asked me to make 17 favors, but I end up making 20 extras. I added in some embellishment to the boxes with cute mini tropical umbrellas and some lulu flowers, that I made that out of the blossom punch. Cute and simple treats. 

Those are the cute little clear take out boxes. I found those take out boxes at Michael's craft store. It came in a pack of 10, which I bought two using my 40 percentage coupon. Another great saving! Woo-hoo! Inside those boxes, I filled in some sweet tropical treats like Starbursts, skittles, and airheads fruity candies. Also, in each take out boxes, I put couple of cute seashells. 

Here is an up closed of the cute mini take out box. Can you see all the sweet treats inside, I wish I had taken a better pictures with all those seashells inside also. Ok, bye for now! ^_^


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