Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Peacocks

 I was looking thru my camera and I just had to share a few Halloween pictures from last years. This was taken at Sacramento Zoo. They had haled a fun trick or treating for little goblins, BOO at the ZOO.  CinCin was trick or treating with her little best friend, Natalie. Natalie's mom Margaret was so sweet and amazingly talented. She made these AWESOME PEACOCK customers for our little girls. Come and see:

This is little Natalie. Look at that mask and the pretty beautiful peacock tutu.

Here is CinCin. Natalie's mom had painted her face with a pretty shimmer make up , but CinCin was a bit moody and cranky.  She smear the make up off her face. I should had taken the picture right there when Natalie's mom has applied make up on her face. :(

WOW!!!! Look at this gorgeous  peacock feathers. Isn't it amazing? Margaret also made the pretty peacock tutu.

I can't believed how the peacock costumes turned out. The surprising looked on people faces while they gazed and devolved attention toward our little peacock chicks. 

It was one amazing fun night at Boo at the Zoo!

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