Friday, November 9, 2012

Pink Poodle in Paris

Bonjour! Today, I'm so excited to share with you the complete look for CinCin's Pink Poodle in Paris 4th birthday party! Here it is. Come and see:

The party turned out what I expected, even though the weather was a bit gloomy, but other then that, it was such a fun party!  Thank you to my sister who also help me decorated the party before the guests has arrived. 

The main attraction was the birthday cake. Isn't it gorgeous? So elegant! Everyone was "awww" when they saw the cake. And its was yummy too. Remember the lollipop cake toppers? Can you see it on the cake? Why spend extra ten dollars on a cake topper when you know how to make it, right. I also used the timeless junior alphabet die to spell the words, "Ooh, la, la..." and applied on the paper cake stand that I found at Joanne's craft store for only five dollar. What a steal!! 

Here is an up close of the cake and the cake toppers. I wish I had taken a better picture. Not the best, but I hope you can see all the lovely details on the cake and also the cake stand too.
This cake stand was also used for my youngest daughter 1st birthday party too. I made it into a tutu cake stand. Click here if you missed it.

Here is the side view of the decoration display, I also decorated the water bottles using my favorite stamp set, Artistic Etching again.... How many times have I told you that I LOVE THAT SET? LOOOVE IT! ;)

There they are! The cute "Chanel" purses with the lollipop. The little ones were drooling all over the Chanel purses and the pops inside. But that is not all what they are taken home with them after the party. Stay tune for tomorrow and see...Also,  inside the purse favors were nail polishes and lip glosses. The party must have the Paris's monument, which of course is the famous lovely "pink" Effie Tower. I can't believed I found the Effie tower and its in the color Pink! How cool is that?! Perfect for the party theme!. Look at these yummy cake pops! Sadly, I didn't baked them, I bought them at my local grocery store. I never bake a cake pop, but one of these day, I will give that a try. :)

What was serve at the Pink Poodle Party? One main dish, French croissant sandwiches, fresh strawberries, salamis, chips,... Oops, totally forgot to put the pink lemonade on the table...oh well...

Yummy croissant sandwiches with turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheeses, lettuces, tomatoes, mayo, and some mustard.

Fresh sweet strawberries

Salty Salami with pickle jalapeno with cream cheese wrapped underneath.

Here is the beautiful birthday girl with mommy... I love that big smile on her face! So adorable!

Okay, before you leave and say good- bye. Would you like a little  french-kissing from the both of us? MUAHHHHH  Lol :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome weekend!


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Nikki Spencer said...

Oh Chan, this looks amazing! Cincin is one very lucky little girl to have such a clever mum. Love your blog by the way, you have some gorgeous creations here, so glad l popped over from Stampin connection. Nikki. xxx