Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Candy Land Party!

Recently, My little girl, CinCin attended a Candy Land birthday party with her auntie. I also made a birthday card for the birthday girl. Click here to see the cute tri-fold candy Land birthday card. My sister has taken some pictures from the party. Boy! Oh Boy! I was right about the party. The party was absolutely stunning! Come and see:

Oh my goodness! Look at this huge table filled with lots of sweets and goodies!!!! There were balloons, birthday banners, gingerbread banners,  Christmas trees, crafting for the children, and so much more.

Guess what is that? Its a GIANT gingerbread girl birthday cake! How cool is that?!? Ella, the birthday girl is one luck girl! I wish I can have a little taste of the gingerbread girl! It look so yummy and delicious!

Here is Ella's Candy station. Very clever! What a gorgeous table fill with yummy sweets! Oh and by the way, what I had been told from my sister is that Ella's grandmother made all of those yummy sweets!!!! None was store bought, all was home made! No wander the treats that CinCIn bring home was too die for! What a super talented grandmother the birthday girl had!!! 

Here is more sweets

and more sweets...oh boy... 

Oh gosh and more .. there were rice crispy treats, ores cookies dip in some red frosting, cookies, lollipops, cake pops, chocolate,  brownies, cupcakes, gingerbread, candy canes, and the lists go on..... Mmmm...

 Guess who hop in for a visit? SANTA CLAUS!!!! What a Candy Land party without  Santa Claus, right? How fun is that! He is so sweet! He read Christmas story to the children....

Every child get to sat on Santa clause lap for a photo taken! So here is CinCin getting her picture taken with Santa. She a little camera shy.

So at the end of the day, Each guests got to take all kind of sweets that were on  Ella's Candy station. They were no limited on how many sweets they want to filled in their treats bag! It's a Candy Land buffet styles. :)

See, I  told ya that the party was going to be amazing, so fun, and also plenty of  yummy sweets! Thanks to my sister for sharing this Candy Land pictures and taken her girl to the party with her. CinCin had a great time! I think her favorite part was seeing Santa ;)

Ok, I hope you enjoy this post today! Thanks for stopping by! :) Have you have your sweets, yet?


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