Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CinCin's Barbie Birthday Favors for Friends

Hello! Today, I would like to share with you CinCin's birthday favors that she is going to bring with her to school on Thursday and celebrated with her little friends.

Since I couldn't bring cupcakes, I though I would bring something that all the kiddos would like and enjoy, but minus the Barbie part, ;) lol Those favors were really simple and quick to put together. I used a plastic clear cups, filled in all the goodies, and simple cover with white tissue papers. I was about to used coffee filter to cover the cup and that would be a lot easier, but to find out, I'm out of coffee filters. So tissues paper still work. :)

 I also added in the beautiful pink ribbon and top it off with the the Barbie silhouette tags. Remembered those tags? So stinky cute!

And inside the clear cups, each child will received, a Barbie paper maze, Barbie spinning toppers, Barbie pink whistlers  Barbies varieties of stickers, and Barbie maze game.

 Ok, sorry for a quick post this morning! See you soon!


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