Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Cincini!

When you were born. You are our BESTEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!

You were always such a cheerful baby! That is why you made mommy and daddy a better person! 

You are our little "Superstar!" 

Of course, there were a time that you were trying getting into mommy stuffs without asking! And I couldn't say no because you always tell mommy that you want to be just like me. How can I refuse those words. :)

You were always ready for a pose! Love that big smile on your beautiful face!

You once told me that Cinderella were used to  be your favorite Disney's princess because you and Cinderella has the same name that start with "Cin", but now its Princess Ariel is your favorite because you love to swim in the water and wish you can have a pink mermaid tail.

5 things you didn't know about CinCin until today

1.Her name is Cincini, but we called her "CinCin" for short
2.Her favorite color is pink
3.She love to sing and dance
4.She love to wear make up, as you see one of the picture above ;)
5.Her favorite book is "Pinkalicious"

Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Mommy and daddy love you very much and each day with you there always a new chapters and new adventure!!!! I'm looking forward to it all!!!!! Love you!!!!! Sniff...sniff.. I still can't believed you already turning 4 today, please stop growing too fast! :"(


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Charlette said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CinCin!!!! Enjoy your special day :) Make a wish and eat some cake!!