Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hot Coco in a Mugs

Just in case you missed yesterday post, here were the coco treats in a plain boring cellophane bags. As I mention in yesterday post, it wasn't pretty enough. Lol! So I step it a bit and this is what I turned those treats into. Come and see: 

 Voile! Hot Coco in mugs! What do you think? I tucked those coco bags in a cute little mugs that I found at a dollar store. I filled those mugs with some peppermint kisses, peppermint candy sticks, and yummy delicious Lip Smacker balms.The bigger the mug you have the more goodies you can put inside. One mug is missing a Lip Smacker balm because that mug is going to be given to one of the male teacher. :)

I also added some embellish to the mugs. So it would be pretty. I wrapped a nice fabric
around the mugs and used glue dot to hold it so the fabric won't slip off. Those stuffs work greats.Then with  little touch up, I top it off with a pretty paper snowflakes from snow flurry die, added in some vintage faceted button and a lovely pearls.

There you have it! You got yourself a cute little hot coco treats and its also inexpensive, too. Those guys are ready to be given to CinCin's teachers for the holiday! I hope they will enjoy those delicious hot coco drink! "Yum!" Would you like to have one? Or would you prefer the plain boring coco treat bags! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Holiday!


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