Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Perfectly Preserved Thank

Here is a thank you card I had made for my sister after Christmas. She was so kind for hosting a lovely Christmas dinner at her place. She so wonderful. I just want to let her know that we appreciated her time, her efforts,  her yummy foods that she made, and the Christmas gifts for our girls! :)

 Thank you, sis for everything! You're the bestest! Love ya! Hmmm... Now, who is doing Chinese New Year gathering? Is it me or you??? ;) Lol!

My sister collected cards and her favorite cards are the one that are homemade. So this card would be perfect for her because its made by me and its from the heart. I hope she will treasure it forever. Lol! Just kidding!
I like the layout on the card. So simple, right? The cute little pearls added in the perfect accent to this looks. Who doesn't love bling on their flowers?  I know for sure my sister does!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Hump Day! ^_^


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