Sunday, January 6, 2013

Romantic Tea Light Candle in Paris!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!  Here is one of  lovely and romantic Valentine card that I had made last years for CinCin's teachers and my friends. Its a tea light candle holder. Pretty neat right?  Those tea light candles cards are just perfect for teachers, friends, and lover too. Its two gifts in one set! 

The idea of those cards was originally from Europe . So, I thought  and decided to get a little creative and used my favorite stamp set,  Artiste Etching. I stamped the cute little Effie Tower, so it matches the card theme. Perfect, right?  Beside, we all know Paris is the city of LOVE! How romantic! Wouldn't you loooovve  to have a Valentine in Paris? That would be lovely dream would that be? Awww...
 Back to the card, I got this wonderful tea light candle idea from YouTube video that I saw. I changed a few stuffs a little and make it my own. Click here to see the video on how to make this tea light cards.  I bet you gonna love it!

That is it for now! I hope you enjoy the video!

Have a great day! See you soon! ^_^


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