Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet Little Owl Shower

Two years ago, I had gave birth to this little chubby owl. Isn't she so precious? She is such one happy child! Couple months before she was born, my sister had held a baby shower for me. I was honor and blessed. So, I though today, I would like to share with you some of my baby shower picture a while back. Come and see:

There were tons of wonderful decoration that my sister had planned for me.
I must admit, I did help her a little even though she was a bit upset because she just wanted me to sit and relaxed. Since it was all about me and the baby. But, still, I was stubborn and wanted to help, lol ;)
I decided to go with an owl theme since my daughter was born in November, Fall season. I thought that would be perfect! Another fall/ winter baby. :)

Here is an up closed look of the owl cupcake centerpieces. The cupcake stand was made by my super talented niece,  Denyse. The stand turned out so cute and the colors matching the theme as well.

Here are the prizes for the baby shower games.
 If I recalled, I think there were some manicure set, bar soaps, body lotion inside those take out boxes and the lunch bags that my sister had put for the baby shower prizes. It was so fun to watch the ladies compete one another and trying to win those prizes.

Here are some yummy home-made cupcakes and cute little owl toppers. The owl builder punch come in handy! 

Here is one of the game that my sister, Chandy had come up with. Its called, " whooo can guesses how many candies are in those baby jars?" Who ever guesses the number correctly or the closest will win all of the four jars. 

Look at this amazing owl diaper cake!!! This was a gift from my lovely wonderful, creative niece,  Denyse! Isn't she the sweetest? I can't believed she made this for me! I love that girl!

Whooo can't forget about the foods? There were lots of yummy food... there was egg rolls, spaghetti, breads, salad, ravioli, baked chickens,  Mexican seafood salads, fruit ka -bob on a sticks, and so much more.... the foods was great!

Of coourse, there were dessert! Owl Cake! OMG! My sister surprised my with this adorable owl chocolate cake that she had order from her friend. It was deli-shed! 

All the ladies didn't go home with an empty hands even though some didn't won any prizes, but they all left with a bags of owl eggs. Those were my baby shower favors. Really simple, quick, and cute favors. Love the little owls tags. Oh by the way,  it's not an actually owl eggs, it's  jellybeans, lol ;)
It was such a fun baby shower and everyone had a wonderful time...then later on that evening, the men show up with some BBQ  and beers...  No "alcohol" drinks for me, that for sure. ;)

That is it for today! Thanks for stopping by!

 Stay tune for more baby shower party coming soon....


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