Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me....

Hello! Here is another birthday card that I had received from my friend, Nicole. I really love this birthday card that she made for me. Its had tons of details, beautiful colors,  and the clever part is, each of the little banners has the letter to spell out my name--C-H-A-N. Love that. She is so super creative! ^_^

Can you see all the lovely details?  It has my favorite things, like the tiny pink flowers, some pearls, the birthday banners, and the cute hot air balloons. I wish I had taken a better picture, but the card also have some sparkle in it to. Another beautiful birthday card. Again, I totally love it!

Nicole, you are truly amazing and awesome! Thank you for this beautiful birthday card!

For more on Nicole's creation, click here.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Stamping! ^_^


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