Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Congratulations and Some News!

Well, I had been keeping this for so long and decided that now is the time that I can finally tell you my wonderful "BIG" exciting news! Are you ready to hear all about it?? Are you sure? ;) There are one good new and some bad news. But is not as bad, I promised.  Hmmm, let just start with the good new first, shall we? 

The GOOD new is, I'm EXPECTING!!! Yep! Baby number 3 its on its way! I'm 4 months almost close to 5 month! Yay!!!!! Are you excited for me? I'm so excited! I'm in tears of joy right now!
There are some bad new. The BAD new is, I have no clue what I'm having, yet. :( I'm very very anxious to find out, so does my hubby.... Since I have two beautiful precious little girls of our own, I would love love to have a BOY. Although my hubby, who doesn't really care what we having, but I can tell by his face. He want another, GIRL! Lol I guess the only thing we can do is wait and find out in the next two weeks or so...I will keep you posted on that!
Also another BAD news :(
I know for sure, when the baby is born in late October, I don't think I will be able to do crafting or post daily on my blog like I normally do. I have two girls, a stepson and a baby on its way, which make me a SUPER BUSY MOM!!! But don't worry, when I have a moment to myself and find sometime to craft, I will be sharing and posting some of my creation on my blog when ever I get the chance to. I think the only time I will be crafting when the kids are in bed, LOL.  Another thing, I will be having an " early" birthday parties for my girls, again this summer! As I mentioned, when the baby is born, I don't think I have time to plan any parties for my girls. So the hubby and I agreed to do the girls' birthday  parties early once more!  Stay tuned for more details on that! Okay, speaking of creation. Here is a lovely congratulation card that I had received from my up line and a friend, Niki: 

I absolutely love, love this card. It so crispy clean and simple. Also very pretty too. I love the colors, which is the new in-colors by the way, Baked brown sugar, coastal cabana, crisp cantaloupe, and strawberry slush. Isn't the name sound so fun? I really digging this colors.  Do you notice a new stamp set? Gorgeous right? This set is from Mosaic Madness. I was debating on getting this set, but after seeing Niki's card, I just went and got it!

Niki, thank you so much for this crispy CAS and yet pretty baby card and thank you for thinking of us! You're so awesome! 

Okie dokies! That is it for today! I hope you enjoy this post! See you tomorrow! ^_^


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