Saturday, May 4, 2013

Last gifts for the end of the school year!

As promised, here are the gifts that I had put together for CinCin's teachers for the end of the school year. 
Its a bucket filled with all fun and goodies items for the summer. 

Inside the bucket filled with summer essentials: There are couple package of crystal lights, water bottle, lip balm, sun screen, pack of gum, note pad, pen, a box of fruity candy, and a flower candle.  

Here is the little tags that I had attached to the buckets. I used the little whale to represented for the summer. I also stamped "Just for you" on the tag. It simple and cute! 

On the back of the tags, there is a little personal message that I wrote, It says, " A little something for you to get started! Have a great summer! Xoxo, CinCini :)

There you have it! If you needed something quick, easy and fun, this summer kits would be perfect to hand out to your child teacher! All teachers deserve a little something for the summer!^_^

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your beautiful weekend!


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