Thursday, June 27, 2013

3-D Projects

Last Thursday, I finally attended one of Niki's class, my Upline and got together with the ladies to make some fun cute 3-D projects.  I'm glad I came because I'm absolutely loved 3-D projects.  A little secret, I love making favors more then making cards...shhh don't tell no one, but 3-D and favors are  one of my favorite crafty obsession, hehe ;) 

The Birthday Box. This was my first 3-D project I made. I totally love this treat box. I can see lot of things that I can put in this box. I can't wait to order mine and share with you what fun stuffs will be in that box! I also learned a new trick. Look, bow makde out of paper? Those were used by extra large oval and full heart punch. That is so cool! 

The Treat Card. This treat is a fun one! I love how you can see thru the clear window and find some yummy treats inside. 

And look, when you flip the flap, you can write your own little personal message. How fun is that?

The Pocket Envelop. This one was really simple and yet also fun to make. As I was told by  Niki, it can't really hold any candies because its is not that super strong. We used wax paper to make this envelope, embossed, and taped the side with washi tape. It can hold something light such as a little note cards. But I think it can  probably fit one piece of a small cookie inside the envelope. Don't you think so? I will definately give that a try! ;) 

Hershey 5 Point Star. Now, the last 3-D project was a unique one, super cute, and a hard one. This is the star treat that hold 6 Hershey chocolate  kisses candies. Thanks goodness, Niki make our life much easier by scoring the measurement for all of us. All we have to do is assembles it together.

I have to admit, I did still have a little help from Niki to put them together. It was a bit tough, but I did it..sorta of... Lol. Can you see using this treat for Fourth of July? I sure can! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day! :) 


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