Monday, July 8, 2013

Part 5: Ballerina Party

Hi friends. Last weekend, We had celebrated our little girl's ballerina birthday party. Here is some fun party decoration that I promised to share with you. 

Here is her dessert table that are filled with lots of sweets and goodies. Her birthday theme colors were pink and white. 

Here is the perfect cake for our little dancer. It's chocolate cake that are cover in white and pink frosting rosettes all over it and on top of the cake is a little ballet slipper cake topper. So cute!

Here is her ballerina birthday banner  that I had share with you previously. 

A little closed up shoot on the dessert table. I bought those pink cups at the dollar tree store and dressed them up in some tutu. I also filled them with some yummy homemade popcorn and added in some cute little wands. 

On the other side of the dessert table, is the ballerina cupcakes and the the goody bags. Behind the goody bags is pink dress stand that were dressed in Vicchini's first tutu skirt when she was a year old. It fit perfectly! 


I also have some fun games for the children. There were pinned the tutu, tossed the water balloons, and everyone favorite, included grown ups were the ballerina slipper pinata! 

Lastly, here is a good picture of her favorite aunties. Yep, that is me in the turquoise dress holding my little birthday girl. Please excuse my belly bum, LOL  CinCin, my oldest daughter is having too much fun playing with her cousins that she refused to take picture with us. :(

Anyhow, the party turned out great and now, I'm a little exhausted... probably need  a little  nap... in the meantime I be back tomorrow to share with you her birthday and her thank you cards. Then I promised I will moved on to the next party. MERMAID PARTY! CinCin had requested for that theme for her 5th birthday. Stay tune....

That is it for today, I hope you enjoy this post! See you back here tomorrow! ;) 



Niki Toll said...

WOW! Everything turned out amazing!! Happy birthday, to your baby!

Nikki Spencer said...

She is one very lucky little ballerina to have such a talented mummy! It all looks absolutely amazing Chan. Now go get some rest. xx

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful display I had ever seen for a little girl:)