Monday, December 30, 2013

Follow me....on Instagram

I apologize for not be on here in a while. Life just gotten so busy especially with my new baby and my girls. My hubby been working 16 to 8 hours a day and sometime he had one days off on the weekends.That is the only time he got to spent time with us.;( Whew, its crazy around here and I'm so glad the holiday has finally over. I can relax a bit, I hope so, lol... Anyhoo. I promised to be back with some fun crafting stuff and promised to share with you again!
But I have good new for you! I will be on Instagram!!!! Whoo Hoo!! You can come and follow me and see some of my random pictures that I will be posted on there, especially about crafting of course, my kids, and coffee. LOL.
My user name: ChanCinini. My page is public so feel free to invited a friends to come and follow me! And yessssss, I will be gladly to following you back! ^_^

Speaking about Instagam, I just celebrated one of our furry friend birthday today. Wanna know who it is? Come and follow me on Instagram and you will know who we are celebrating  for. ;) 

Thanks for stopping by!


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