Monday, December 16, 2013

Simple Mermaid Party

Our little girl just turned five and we celebrated her with a mermaid party. She loves Ariel , its also one of my favorite Disney princess too, lol. So here it is. The party that I had been planning for her is finally completed! Come and see:

Dessert Table Setting: Table filled with yummy sweets and a shell fish net to used for the background. The colors scheme for her party were blue, red, white, and tan.

The main attraction was this lovely Ariel cake.

Fish in a bag treat that were fill with some blue Sixlets and one yummy Swedish fish.

Recycle Starbucks jars to display for the table and embellish with some sea shell image.

Homemade pearls cupcakes that cover with a bit of sand, its not real sand actually "brown sugar", ;) 

Here is theThe party favors: Treasure chest that is filled with goodies and gold coins. Each child leave happy with this favors.

The party turned out wonderful and everyone have a great time, especially my two little mermaids. Can you tell with that ADORABLE little face that covered up in frosting!!! Haha!

Thanks you for visiting and I hope you enjoy this post! ;)


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Nikki Spencer said...

Chan, you are amazing! Two such sweet little mermaids and a fabulous party theme and displays...It all looks wonderful and l love the details.
Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. xx