Sunday, March 2, 2014

Made By Rita

Hello friends! Today, I have to share with you a card that I had received on Valentine's Day. I love receiving cards in the mail, especially there will be full of surprises and its handmade. It really does warmed my heart to know that people out there,  wheather its your loves one, a friends, or an admired to  think of you. Well, speaking of handmade, here is a pretty Valentine card that were made by Rita.

Look at all the texture on this card. I loved how she punch at the full heart and then over laped them on a real red card stock and then simple added a cute tiny silver glimmer heart in the middle of the full heart. Pretty, right? I loved everything on this card. Its so pretty. I will cased this one day. Thank you so much Rita for this lovely card, I will chesris this forever! :) 

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Sunday!


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